So if you're 18 to 39 years old and want to start a business in Canada,
Futurpreneur Canada is the first place to look. Futurpreneur Canada is the main
source of youth-specific small business funding in Canada, a non-profit
organization that provides money, mentoring and support to aspiring business
owners aged 18 to 39.

Sep 9, 2016 Almost everyone in looking for money to start or expand their business in Canada
starts out by looking for a small business grant. But unfortunately there aren't
actually that many Canadian federal or provincial government grants available
for small businesses. And, as you'll see in The Truth About Canada …

Feb 1, 2016 To apply for this financing option, you must be in the start-up phase of your business or within the first 12 months of sales. A second option for funding offered through the BDC program is a small business loan for young entrepreneurs, where you can receive up to $50 000 to support your business.

Dec 15, 2017 To be eligible for youth entrepreneur programs you need to be between 15 and
39 years old. … Canada Business: Government grants and financing … for
funding from Futurpreneur Canada, you may also be eligible for additional
funding of up to $30,000 through a special partnership with the Business …

Jan 24, 2018 Most requested. Financing your new business · Financing for innovation ·
Canada Small Business Financing Program · Canada Job Grant · Futurpreneur
Canada Start-Up Program · BDC Small Business Loans …

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