Jun 4, 2013 – On line 9281 of your T1 tax return, Motor vehicle expenses, you can claim: licence and registration fees; fuel and oil costs; insurance; interest on money borrowed to buy a motor vehicle; maintenance and repairs; and. leasing costs.

Jul 19, 2017 – For starters, you can deduct the business percentage of your gas, oil, insurance, parking fees, registration fees, lease, repairs, tires, loan interest, etc. for both leased and … Since the CRA tax rule limits the depreciation on “luxury” cars, it also limits (to a very small degree) lease payments on such a car.

Mar 1, 2016 – The more you claim, the more of a stickler the Canada Revenue Agency is likely to be about your records, MacDonald said. … Whether you're a business owner, a partner or an employee, if you use your personal vehicle for work, you can claim tax deductions so long as you meet the following criteria:.

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