Most start-ups and existing for-profit small businesses in Canada with gross
revenues of $10 million or less are eligible to apply for loans under this program.
Such businesses can be corporations, sole proprietors, partnerships or

Oct 26, 2016 Small Business Loan Sources Beyond the Bank Loan. 1) Canada Small Business Financing Program – Established to help new businesses get started and established firms make improvements and expand, this small business loan program provides up to $500,000 of small business financing for any one business.

Benefit from a complete solution and BDC's extensive experience in start-up
financing. One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is getting adequate
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Here's an overview of seven typical sources of financing for start-ups: Personal investment. When starting a business, your first investor should be yourself—either with your own cash or with collateral on your assets. Love money. Venture capital. Angels. Business incubators. Government grants and subsi.s. Bank loans.

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Here, in order of most likely to least likely (in my opinion), are the places to get
money for your small business: Personal savings, credit cards, and lines of credit;
Family and friends; Micro finance loans; Government sponsored start-up loans
and programs; Crowd-sourced financing; Credit Union Bank Loans; Regular
Bank …