Key Small Business Statistics — June 2016.
… A Comparison of the Performance of Female-Owned and Male-Owned Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises — November 2016.
… SME Profile: Canada Small Business Financing Program Borrowers (March 2016)

Key Small Business Statistics — June 2016 edition includes data on the number
of businesses in Canada, job creation, firm births ands, the share of high-
growth firms, firm financing, the number of firms that innovate and export, the
small businesses contribution to each province's gross domestic product as well
as on …

Reports prepared or commissioned by the Small Business Branch of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.
… This profile, for the first time in Canada, compares data on co-operatives with those of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
… This report is about financial …

Feb 15, 2018 Research & Economicysis (Canadian Federation of Independent Business –
CFIB). CFIB is an advocacy group for small businesses. The site links to the most
recent edition of the Business Barometer – the results of a monthly SME business
outlook survey; includes details by province & major industry.

Jan 25, 2018 Small and medium-sized business (SME) research and statistics. Includes an
extensive collection of research documents about small business and
entrepreneurship as well as comprehensive statistics on Canadian small

Learn more about market research, how it can improve your business decisions,
and how to conduct a market research campaign. General research and statistics
. Discover resources available through Canada Business Network Service
centres, Statistics Canada, Canada's government libraries and the United

Canada Business Network centre libraries. Canada Business Network centres
are located in each province and territory and some feature libraries that are
stocked with materials to help small businesses. Canada Business — Nova
Scotia Reference Library. Only Applies to : Nova Scotia. Through an information
officer, you …