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Dec 16, 2016 – The phrase “small business grants” is rare on Canadian government websites, perhaps because pure small business grant programs are so rare. Besides the generic term “small business financing”, look for awards, contributions, shared costs, subsi.s, rebates, tax credits (or tax rebates) or non-repayable loans.

Sep 9, 2016 – A Selection of Canadian Small Business Grants. Almost everyone in looking for money to start or expand their business in Canada starts out by looking for a small business grant. But unfortunately there aren't actually that many Canadian federal or provincial government grants available for small businesses.

Most business owners receive financing through banking institutions. However, they often overlook government grant funding for business activities from both the provincial (i.e. Ontario business grants) and federal levels of government. … It's important to know the different types of funding for small business.

Most start-ups and existing for-profit small businesses in Canada with gross revenues of $10 million or less are eligible to apply for loans under this program. Such businesses can be corporations, sole proprietors, partnerships or cooperatives.