More than half of Canada's small employer businesses are concentrated in Ontario and Quebec (407,175 and 235,075 respectively). … Of the 1,167,978 employer businesses active in Canada, micro-enterprises (firms with 1 to 4 employees) constitute 54.1 percent of all private employers, which is the largest SME group.

Key Small Business Statistics — June 2016 edition includes data on the number
of businesses in Canada, job creation, firm births ands, the share of high-
growth firms, firm financing, the number of firms that innovate and export, the
small businesses contribution to each province's gross domestic product as well
as on …

Small business is big in Canada: 98.2% of all businesses have fewer than 100 employees. When you add in medium-sized businesses (100 to 499 employees), the percentage rises to 99.8%. They are the engine of the economy and their success is vital to Canada's prosperity. … There are almost 1.1 million SMEs in Canada.

Sep 9, 2016 (Note that this includes all Canadian businesses, not just small businesses, and
only includes Canadian small businesses that meet the criteria to be included in
Statistics Canada's Business Register: have at least one paid employee (with
payroll deductions remitted to the Canada Revenue Agency), …

As of 2013, there 1,107,540 employer businesses in Canada of which 1,087,803 were small. 1.6% were medium businesses with large businesses comprising 0.1% of the total private employment sector. If you work in the private sector in Canada, chances are you work (or have worked) for a small business.

Oct 17, 2011 How many Canadians work for small businesses? 5,137,147 (48.3 per cent of
Canada's total workforce). In 2005, 41 per cent of employed Canadians worked
for businesses with fewer than 20 employees. (Source: Industry Canada
calculations using data from Statistics Canada) …

Dec 3, 2014 The Canadian small business scene often has a lot of tech startups, which leads
to local success stories of prospering businesses. Ecommerce platform Shopify,
founded in 2004 out of Ottawa, now has 500 employees. Today, it's worth millions
. British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba rank …