Sep 15, 2016 The federal government offers free webinars, online events, and live small
business workshops in major cities across Canada. Learn what's available in
your region by visiting Canada Business Network for the calendar of events for
your province. Check out your home province's websites as well.

E-Business Administration Careers and Job Outlook. Graduates from CBC's E-
Business Administration Program may seek jobs in many professions, including:
e-commerce manager; product manager; online distribution manager; internet
marketer; web developer; content manager; online support …

Our small business management courses online will teach you the skills required
to build a thriving small business. From hiring competent employees to managing
cash flow, the PCDI Canada small business management course covers all
facets of running a business. Included in the program is a one year student …

The courses develop your understanding and application of core business
functions and are helpful for anyone wanting to start a small business or take
their … Students will develop essential skills in evaluating entrepreneurship
opportunities and business processes relevant to the Canadian environment,
including the …

This College Certificate program prepares students with the basic knowledge
needed to manage the accounting needs of a small business using Quickbooks
… Prepare and present financial statements and reports for sole proprietorships,
partnerships and private enterprises in compliance with Canadian Generally …

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