Last-Minute Bookkeeping Tips Before You See the Tax Man. The good news is
that there's a way to properly prepare for this, er, taxing process to avoid all this
agony next year. Keith Mueller. –shares. Share Add to. 4 min read. What's the
One Task Most SmallBusiness Owners Loathe? Accounting …

The world is changing rapidly, from new regulation to automation, accountants
and their clients — face an onslaught of challenges. The good news is these
same changes have created new opportunities for accountants to grow their
business, by shifting from compliance work to a greater focus on advisory

Oct 1, 2013 In response to this action by the IRS, American University professors Donald
Williamson and David Kautter have created a list of "Tax Best Practices for Small
Businesses," a checklist designed to help small business entrepreneurs stay up
to date on all tax-related issues, and away from the scrutiny of the …

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) notes that 99.7% of employer firms
are comprised of small businesses. However …. Forbes Entrepreneurs: This
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owners, management tactics, business policy updates and entrepreneurial legal