Feb 6, 2018 Three important points about claiming business expenses that Canadian
businesses need to know when completing their income tax returns. … If you
were not a GST registrant at the time (i.e. you were a Small Supplier and did not
have to collect and remit GST/HST) you would include the GST/HST that you …

Dec 24, 2017 Remember, “you can deduct any reasonable current expense you incur to earn business income” (Canada Revenue Agency) for your home-based business. But, as you read in point 4, you can only deduct the portion of these expenses related to business use and what you claim here can't be claimed elsewhere.

Dec 30, 2017 Many Canadian small businesses don't realize that you don't have to have a big
business or even an incorporated business to carry on, and claim tax credits for,
SR&ED – sole proprietorships and partnerships are just … Whenever you hire
someone, the cost of the employee's wages is a business expense.

Jan 3, 2017 A list of deductible business expenses as well as their explanation for use on
Form T2125. … When you claim the GST/HST you paid on your business
expenses as an input tax credit, reduce the amounts of the business expenses
you show by the amount of the input ….. These include small items such as:.

When it comes to taxes and small business expenses, the general rule is that if
it's related to earning money for your business, you can claim it at tax time. “If you
need it to do business, deduct it, but don't try to stretch the rules,” says Toronto
accountant Larry West. “The Canada Revenue Agency has the last word, so
when in …

Dec 12, 2012 So it's an action, not a date, that determines when a small business begins – an
important point because it means that you can claim business expenses that
occurred before the “official” start date of your business. For example, suppose
that you decided to start a coffee roasting business and applied for …