The Canada Small Business Financing Act CSBF Act aims to increase the availability of financing to establish, expand, modernize and improve Canadian small businesses. … Lenders should refer to the Act and Regulations , as they constitute the legal authority for the Canada Small Business Financing (CSBF) program.

Regulations made under this Act. Canada Small Business Financing (Establishment and Operation of Capital Leasing Pilot Project) Regulations (SOR/2001-527); Canada Small Business Financing Regulations (SOR/99-141); Order Designating the Honourable Bardish Chagger as the Minister for the purposes of the Act …

(a) the loan is approved before April 1, 1999 and is made on or after that date but before July 1, 1999; and. (b) either the loan meets the conditions set out in subsection 3(2) of the Small Business Loans Act that would have applied to the loan if it had been made before April 1, 1999, or subsection 3(7) of that Act would have …

The Basics of the Canada Small Business Financing Act. … It creates a de facto government guaranteed loan system through which financial institutions assume less risk. The purpose of the Act is to increase financing opportunities for Canadian small businesses.

The maximum loan amount a small business can access under the program is $500,000, of which up to $350,000 can be used to finance the purchase or improvement of equipment, signage, furniture & fixtures, vehicles and new leasehold improvements. For land and building purposes, the maximum amount available is $500,000.

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